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Defunct Horror Branded Content Websites

This list of sites are sites that belonged to a horror chain but that aren't available live anymore. You can always visit them in their mirrored form in

The domain between parenthesis after each domain is the horror branded content chain they used to belong to.

Note: you can see the mirrored versions of these sites by clicking on the title. (

A directory for scream queens. I have to give credit to this site for the concept. It’s an original and helpful concept to make a directory of scream queens. This is an important niche for many horror fans. (

It’s another horror portal-cum-directory touted as horror and Halloween search. It has sixteen niches, that are similar but also different from’s twelve. (

Another original idea, a hub for press releases related to horror. A great idea, but they’re no longer accepting press releases. (

Horror recommendations. Has a home feed of recommendations, the Frightmaster’s database of endorsed horror movies. A nice idea, but the site is way, I’d say ~84%, out of order.

How to Browse a Dead Site on

  1. Go to
  2. In the Waybackmachine form, enter the domain name of the site you want to browse
  3. A calendar will appear showing the mirrored versions
  4. Pick a version that has the biggest light blue circle around the date
  5. Profit!

Best Horror Branded Content Chains:

I do not know about best, but a good (with a lot of potential for improvement) horror branded content website chain can be this one. Still not clear to me which one, Horror World or JournalStone, is the central hub of this chain of horror websites.

They define themselves as a community, and you can access the community from the Forum section in the menu at

If you are a budding horror author, and you write novels, poetry, and non-fiction, you certainly should check this group of sites out

Best Horror Branded Content: Journalstone

Horror books bookstore. Has PDF, .epub, .mobi and paperback formats available. If you buy the paperback version, you get the electronic one free.

If you think it would benefit you to network with this community of horror and bizarre authors, then in the JournalStone Site, at the bottom of the right-hand sidebar you can find a form to subscribe to their mailing list.

Subscribing to their mailing list would at least be a start, you can also try joining their forums.

Something I noticed from this chain of content and collectible distributors, is that almost every site has a different founder.

Something strange, it looks as if this website’s Reviews section is a mirror of their other website

A quarterly color/glossy magazine published by JournalStone. It covers the horror, dark fantasy, and science fiction genres.

This site defines itself as “The home of bizarre speculative fiction”.

Another publishing outfit, related to JournalStone. The site has articles by Vincenzo Bilof. The ones I could find were either titled Meet The Author and The Tough Questions. They were brief interviews of authors. It has a link to Sean Leonard’s reviews at

Not an actual site. It looks like one because it has its domain name, but it has only duplicate content that you can find in Because of that, there’s not too much to say. If you saw the Reviews section on the Horror World site, you’ve already seen what this site has to offer.

The other items in the main menu are just links to the other horror websites in the chain. Other than that, it’s almost the same site as, if you don’t believe me just compare the Reviews section, and even the sidebars, and you will see I’m not fibbing.

A site dedicated to all things zombie. They started as an online database for everything zombie.

  • Zombie-related news
  • Zombie-related media
  • Zombie-related reviews
  • Zombie-related announcements

Now it defines itself as hub zombie news, reviews, and products. But the only things I could find on the site were just zombie fiction and zombie audiovisual media reviews.

From homepage subtitle “Fiction Movies and Art Dedicated to the Horror Genre”.

It’s similar to the other sites by, but to me, it has the best about page of the lot. They publish a steady stream of horror books reviews and other types of articles.

The other types are 

  • Press releases
  • News about upcoming releases
  • News about book signing events
  • News about other author appearances
  • Crowdfunding campaigns

It’s not clear if they give horror authors the coverage in this list for free because they say they’ll be happy to consider any of the items if you send any of those items to them. After all, in the following paragraph, the only thing they seem to have to say is a pitch for you to buy advertising services from them.

Dear, of course, that with a web page copy like that you need to send them an inquiry because you don’t get what they are saying at the core of the message. I guess that’s their way of extorting an email address from you.

Maybe I see this as funny, but I’m not a horror fiction author, and maybe horror fiction authors would play any games like this to get additional channels through which to expand.

© 2021 by Bholenath Valsan | The Best Horror Branded Content Chains:

Best Horror Branded Content Chains: Bloody Disgusting

Besto Horror Branded Content: Bloody Disgusting

From the site’s About page: “An independently owned champion of the horror genre established 2001”. Bloody Disgusting mimics the branded content modality, with a silo approach to horror content. It also became a film production company and released more than half a dozen films.

Bloody Disgusting’s sections are:
  • Movies
  • TV
  • Reviews
  • Editorials
  • Videos
  • Video Games
  • Podcasts
  • Forums

Bloody Disgusting Selects

Distribution company releasing genre films in AMC theaters and on DVD, Blu-ray, and VOD, since 2011. They have distributed around twenty.

You can check the releases under the Bloody Disgusting Selects brand here.

The last time I checked the website they had a section called Bloody Disgusting TV. It said free horror streaming 24/7, but I couldn’t make it work.

On the website you can subscribe to The Rewind, Bloody Disgusting's weekly newsletter.

For me, the bast part of the site is the Editorials section. It’s a silo of horror entertainment articles. They are evergreen, cover new as well as old audiovisual horror items, and they aren’t just reviews or some low-effort piece, but actually editorial articles.

Call me underdeveloped, but I didn’t known and I never was interested to know what an editorial was.

Until I realized that Bloody Disgusting has a mountain of them waiting to be explored.

What I (thanks to Bloody Disgusting) learned about editorials is that they are a robust format for content, similar to an argumentative essay. This is highly valuable content.

If podcasts are your thing, then you may find something for you in the podcasts section.

Bloody Disgusting Things Unrelated to Branded Content

As cons of Bloody Disgusting, and a warning if you haven't visited the website yet.

They have an anti-adblocker in place, so you will probably need to disable yours, but don’t do anything yet, the site will alert you to do it. Actually, it will force you to do it.

On a subdomain of the website there is a B2B section where they showcase their KPIs and invite you to partner with them for advertising.

For what I’ve seen, if you are serious about reaching the horror crowd, Bloody Disgusting is a force to be reckoned with.

Their advertising packages don’t come cheap (from $3000 to $12000) but the 3.5 million impressions per month the site has will make sure your promotion doesn’t go unheard of.

Best Horror Branded Content Chains:

best horror branded content:
The best horror branded content is not that easy to find. You are apt to begin searching obvious domain names, like This is another example, of what could be called a websites chain of horror branded content. The sites that comprise the chain are:
The last time I checked this site looked broken on several browsers. The aggregation system doesn’t have any flexibility for serious horror curating. It seems that the internet horror community didn’t adopt it because of the obtuse and lacking-features design.

This promotes a random frame of mind that preconditions one to accept whatever is given. Seriously, what were the designers thinking when they did this? It reflects on the content, very old, non-updated things. At the time of this writing, the last entries were from seven years and eleven months prior.

A great idea badly executed. Naysayers will say it’s just a museum now. But let’s see it for what it’s worth. I’m sure that going through the mass of these portals would be a field day for curators.

But before, let me explain what I think are some examples of where the idea of creating a Horror supernode was badly executed:

1.The site has a lot of links in the sidebars, in the right one it has horror categories, and in the left one are the website’s features. I would have streamlined the categories in any other way instead of making a secondary menu in the page.

2.A great percentage of pages are starved for content. A blatant example is the Advertise Here section. No explanation or sales energy at all in it, just a mystery-deal email address to contact them. Seriously, what is with the secrecy? Why should I waste time and give my email address for something that should be correctly advertised on the site?

3.Probably the worst example of bad aggregation, that sticks out like a summer boil, is the section of Free Horror Fonts. I would have posted all the fonts in a single page. Not like they did, creating a page for each letter of the alphabet. Especially considering that each of those pages has 0 in the way of content, just a squalid micro-copy each, and a list of fonts for that particular letter.

4.The horror movie reviews section is completely dysfunctional. There is no content at all. The same for the horror fiction reviews section. Maybe they moved that content to any of the other websites in the chain?’s Directory to find Best Horror Branded Content

The most valuable section of this website is the directory of horror websites. I tested some of the links that promotes, some are dead, but some took me to horror bloggers and such, sites still being updated that seem interesting.

I guess if your intention is learning about horror, its age makes it valuable due to the entries being so old. If the horror things they link to are still up, that does mean something.

What makes this feature of the site very valuable for horror fans and horror workers alike is the fact that it’s focused on horror.

If you need to find something very especific, you don’t need to input add the word horror to your search phrase, and that makes the search much more to the point than if you were searching for the item in any generalist search engine.

Beware of the Random Site Feature!

If you click on the Random Site feature of, you might be thrown back to an Angelfire time-capsule, vaguely related to horror, website that looks it was created with Netscape Navigator’s HTLM editor in 1997. That, if you’re lucky. Most probably you’ll be thrown to a site domain parking page, product of the site’s contemporary non-existence.’s Brands

Below, a list of the associated site that constitute horror branded content chain. and its Websites

  • Horror Movies Database (12555 movies)
  • Horror Movies Reviews (4900+ reviews)
  • Horror Fiction Reviews (1000+ reviews)
  • Horror Interviews (300+ items)
  • Horror Editorials
  • Horror Conventions
  • Classic Horror Films: links to’s tribute sites Tribute Sites:

The ultimate low-effort thing to do in the search for the best horror branded content would be to use the brand of others to crate websites, without bringing nothing new to the table. These are the sites I am talking about:
  1. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
  2. The Evil Dead
  3. Friday the 13th
  4. Halloween
  5. A Nightmare on Elm Street
  6. The Living Dead

best horror branded content

Halloween search directory. Sixteen sections with links to more than 1000 sites. The sections seem to cover almost everything related to Halloween. From the history of the holiday to even Halloween cooking or safety. and its Websites

Haunted houses directory. Currently broken. / Brimstone Pit

best horror branded content

Horror movies database. Has a basic initial-based organization. Still, it also allows searching horror movies with its search function. It can be a broad search or narrowed down by title, plot, actor, director, producer, writer, composer, or keyword.

Should be considered among the best horror branded content chains? Hardly, the idea is there, but it looks like it was implemented in 2006 and then let to rot without improvements, actualizations and the adding of new features. If you want to become really disgusted by this chain, look in the What's Cool page, and you will see that this chain was more of a self-serving affair.

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