Defunct Horror Branded Content Websites

This list of sites are sites that belonged to a horror chain but that aren't available live anymore. You can always visit them in their mirrored form in

The domain between parenthesis after each domain is the horror branded content chain they used to belong to.

Note: you can see the mirrored versions of these sites by clicking on the title. (


A directory for scream queens. I have to give credit to this site for the concept. It’s an original and helpful concept to make a directory of scream queens. This is an important niche for many horror fans. (

crypt crawl

It’s another horror portal-cum-directory touted as horror and Halloween search. It has sixteen niches, that are similar but also different from’s twelve. (

first fright

Another original idea, a hub for press releases related to horror. A great idea, but they’re no longer accepting press releases. (


Horror recommendations. Has a home feed of recommendations, the Frightmaster’s database of endorsed horror movies. A nice idea, but the site is way, I’d say ~84%, out of order.

How to Browse a Dead Site on

  1. Go to
  2. In the Waybackmachine form, enter the domain name of the site you want to browse
  3. A calendar will appear showing the mirrored versions
  4. Pick a version that has the biggest light blue circle around the date
  5. Profit!

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