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If you are in this page it's because you are searching for  the best horror branded content chains on the web. Unlike other niches, horror doesn't get many franchises or chains in the brick-and-mortar world. Yet, on the web the branded content chain model flourishes beautifully.

Find the Best Horror Branded Content Chains

You might be looking for a horror branded content chain for many reasons. One might be that you are looking for a horror franchise that will cater to most of your horror genre needs. Another may be because you either produce or consume horror items in different niches. Even another reason might be that you want to build your own horror branded content chain, and need to see how it is done.

This area of the website is only for horror branded content chains, which means that you will find generally chains of different horror websites that are published, created  or operated by a single brand. You will be able to recognize what websites specifically belong to a chain, since all of them are listed in the same page pertaining the mother brand.

Easily Identify the Horror Chains you Need

Look no further, on this website you are going to be able to easily search, ideantify and read a brief rundown on the most serviceable horror branded content chains of the present.

Each horror branded content chain page on this site will give you a brief review of the chain in question and a link to the chain's different content points, be them:

  • Websites of the chain
  • Social media pages of the chain
  • Stores of the horror chain
  • Email contact addresses of people in charge
  • Physical addresses of the horror branded content locales
  • Sales point website addresses of the branded content horror chain

We make an effort to identify all the nodes of a brand's branded content chain, so you will save time having all the websites of the chain in a single place from where you can visit any or all of them.

The links in each horror branded content chain page open in a new tab, so you will be able to switch back to the chain's page and visit another of the chain's websites without hassle.

Do You Own or Work for a Horror Branded Content Chain?

If you would like to have your horror branded content chain covered on this website, please drop us a line in the form below and we will be happy to cover it on this website, absolutely free of charge.

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Examples of Pages in This Area

Defunct Horror Branded Content Websites

This list of sites are sites that belonged to a horror chain but that aren't available live anymore. You can always visit them in their mirrored form...

Best Horror Branded Content Chains:

I do not know about best, but a good (with a lot of potential for improvement) horror branded content website chain can be this one. Still not...

Best Horror Branded Content Chains: Bloody Disgusting

Bloody Disgusting is not just the popular website that every horror fan knows, it is also a distribution label known as Bloody Disgusting Selects.

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