Best Horror Branded Content Chains:

I do not know about best, but a good (with a lot of potential for improvement) horror branded content website chain can be this one. Still not clear to me which one, Horror World or JournalStone, is the central hub of this chain of horror websites.

They define themselves as a community, and you can access the community from the Forum section in the menu at

If you are a budding horror author, and you write novels, poetry, and non-fiction, you certainly should check this group of sites out

Best Horror Branded Content: Journalstone

Horror books bookstore. Has PDF, .epub, .mobi and paperback formats available. If you buy the paperback version, you get the electronic one free.

If you think it would benefit you to network with this community of horror and bizarre authors, then in the JournalStone Site, at the bottom of the right-hand sidebar you can find a form to subscribe to their mailing list.

Subscribing to their mailing list would at least be a start, you can also try joining their forums.

horror world

Something I noticed from this chain of content and collectible distributors, is that almost every site has a different founder.

Something strange, it looks as if this website’s Reviews section is a mirror of their other website

dark discoveries

A quarterly color/glossy magazine published by JournalStone. It covers the horror, dark fantasy, and science fiction genres.

bizarro pulp press

This site defines itself as “The home of bizarre speculative fiction”.

Another publishing outfit, related to JournalStone. The site has articles by Vincenzo Bilof. The ones I could find were either titled Meet The Author and The Tough Questions. They were brief interviews of authors. It has a link to Sean Leonard’s reviews at

the horror review

Not an actual site. It looks like one because it has its domain name, but it has only duplicate content that you can find in Because of that, there’s not too much to say. If you saw the Reviews section on the Horror World site, you’ve already seen what this site has to offer.

The other items in the main menu are just links to the other horror websites in the chain. Other than that, it’s almost the same site as, if you don’t believe me just compare the Reviews section, and even the sidebars, and you will see I’m not fibbing.

buy zombie

A site dedicated to all things zombie. They started as an online database for everything zombie.

  • Zombie-related news
  • Zombie-related media
  • Zombie-related reviews
  • Zombie-related announcements

Now it defines itself as hub zombie news, reviews, and products. But the only things I could find on the site were just zombie fiction and zombie audiovisual media reviews.

hell notes

From homepage subtitle “Fiction Movies and Art Dedicated to the Horror Genre”.

It’s similar to the other sites by, but to me, it has the best about page of the lot. They publish a steady stream of horror books reviews and other types of articles.

The other types are 

  • Press releases
  • News about upcoming releases
  • News about book signing events
  • News about other author appearances
  • Crowdfunding campaigns

It’s not clear if they give horror authors the coverage in this list for free because they say they’ll be happy to consider any of the items if you send any of those items to them. After all, in the following paragraph, the only thing they seem to have to say is a pitch for you to buy advertising services from them.

Dear, of course, that with a web page copy like that you need to send them an inquiry because you don’t get what they are saying at the core of the message. I guess that’s their way of extorting an email address from you.

Maybe I see this as funny, but I’m not a horror fiction author, and maybe horror fiction authors would play any games like this to get additional channels through which to expand.

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